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Meet Celia

Celia is a highly intuitive Reiki Master healer and Master NLP practitioner. She guides each client with many tools such as Hawaiian ho’oponopono, hypnotherapy, EFT, Karuna Ki Reiki healing light energy and many other modalities. Her intention is to be the clearest channel guiding you on your transformational healing. Empowering you on reconnecting with your authentic self, and reestablishing the control and power you have in your life to create your heaven on earth, living your dreams out in this time space reality.

Throughout her journey of self healing she understands the process experiencing personal traumas, abuse and dis-empowerment. With her passion and strong sense of purpose to helping others, she is extremely skilled in holding space for you to see yourself on all ends of the spectrum, making you aware of being at cause verses effect for your life. Instead of pruning the unhealthy leaves off the tree, with a chance the same leaf might grow back, she goes to the root of the problem rebuilding a solid foundation. With a solid, secure and nourished foundation you can start to live out your best life!

Celia’s passion for helping others is experienced immediately upon interacting with her along with her unwavering bright light. She guides us to better understand ourselves, each other and the planet through compassionate healing, universal love and spreading the light.



Bachelor of Science Degree Framingham State University

Karuna Ki Reiki Master

Certified Yoga Instructor

NLP Master Practitioner

Master Hypnotherapy

TIME Techniques Master Practitioner

Master Success Coach

Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

Akashic Records Practitioner






kauai ,hawaii

Manifest Love Retreat April 13th - 19th, 2020


THe Movement

AWE Now Mission

Turning the light on for women all over the world. Through centuries of time women have been healing from Priestess ceremonies honoring moon blood and brave women paving the way, fighting for our voices, rights and life. Hi there my name is Celia Romana Gellert and I am the movement behind AWE Now. My hope and unwavering faith with AWE Now, assisting women’s empowerment now, is to devote time to heal, nurture and help women rediscover the power they have in their womb space.

Creating a wave of womb consciousness. As women, we often neglect how powerful, sensitive and creatively attuned our womb and heart centers are: they are the seat of our soul and the core of our feminine essence. Our wombs hold much more than we can ever imagine, from past life emotions, contracts, generational disease, and karmic ties. Creating strong energetic, emotional and physical boundary structures specifically for our womb space, root and heart chakras help us access greater personal power, and to use that power in ways that serve our highest good and rejuvenate instead of depleting us. This protects us from unnecessary draining and takes our self-mastery to the next level, transforming our relationships first with ourselves and then with others; rebirth life from the inside out. 

Proper protection practices and boundary creation also allow us to discern what is ours and what is not, and to have a buffer between our life force and the outside world so we can keep our hearts open safely without giving our power away. As we strengthen our core and boundaries, we are able to effortlessly magnetize the people, situations and energetics that we most desire and stop attracting parasitic energies or repetitive traumatic incidents.


Schedule of Events

& Retreats

Manifest Love Retreat for women only in April 2020! A full week in the healing womb of Hawaii. Here women will rediscover their power, connection and creativity with their yoni/womb space. Retreat includes six days of yoga and meditation, group and hot seat coaching, releasing rooted negative emotions and Reiki healing. This retreat will leave you feeling nourished and supported by a healing community of women for life.



AWE Now Beauty

After working in the cosmetic industry for over a decade AWE Now Beauty was inspired by Celia Romana Gellert. Vegan & cruelty free products that are infused with Reiki and crystal healing properties.

“I wanted to create a product that when you use it it not only smells good but feels good too. It's like having a tiny angel with you always.”

Thus each product has a special healing resonance with carefully crafted elixirs that have a specific mantra or prayer that goes along with it. Sacred Care for the Feminine Divine, the Goddess within all of us.






Los Angeles


Remote and in person sessions available.

Mothers and daughters together are a powerful force to be reckoned with.
— Melia Keeton-Digby
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